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New Projects
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Kids Love Technology™ - Add Some! - Keep Them Coming Back™

Add acres of fun to your themed play area, amusement park, attraction, or playground! Our unique interactive products are sure to get a smile, a laugh, or a scream and keep people coming back to your attraction. If you don't see it here, ask, we have probably done it before or can put it together for you. We love to dream up and create new things with you! May we help with your fun too?

Our products include: Grand Piano Floor™, Touch Play Panel™, Audio Song Bench™ interactive outdoor bench, Sound Byte Player™ interactive audio players, touch sensors, foam ball targets, mini golf interactives with custom announcements, Water Valve controls, LED Rope Light Tunnel, On-ride Effects and Controls.

Our products are found in: soft play equipment, indoor playground equipment, indoor play structures, waterplay and softplay areas, zoo designs, zoo exhibits, miniature golf equipment, mini golf holes and mini golf obstacles.

Interactive Technologies.

Fun, fun, fun, funatically engineered. ™ May we help with your fun too? ™

Randy MacDonald, Head Funatic

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Projects - funtioneering

Touch Path Game
Find the right path between the start and end points before time runs out!
touch sensor game

Generates random paths and guides you through them
  • Built for Stage Nine Exhibitions
  • RMA Technologies Inside:
    • 3 Digit LED Board
    • Sound Byte Player 2™ with sound effects during game play
    • RGB Touch Sensor
    • Custom Game Software
Hand Grip Strength Game
How hard can you squeeze?
Hand Grip Strength

Lights up a bar graph to show how strong you are!
  • Built for Stage Nine Exhibitions
  • Squeeze the hand grip to light up the LEDs
  • RMA Technologies Inside:
    • Hand grip strength measurement
    • Attractive Metal Hand Grip with load cell
    • 32 LED RGBW Bar Graph Display
    • 3 Digit LED Display and audio player with sound effects
Agility Test
Run back and forth touching sensors as fast as you can!
Agility Test

Touch sensors to get points in a timed game with sound effects
  • Built for Stage Nine Exhibitions
  • RMA Technologies Inside:
    • 3 Digit LED Board
    • Sound Byte Player 2™ - game play sound effects
    • Red/Green Touch Sensors
    • Custom Game Software - opposite or random touches
Fingerprint and Photo Game
Find out what kind of superhero powers you have!
fingerprint identification

Takes your picture, scans your fingerprint, and identifies your superhero abilities!
  • Built for Stage Nine Exhibitions
  • Detects your finger and scans it
  • Takes your picture
  • Creates your "ID Card" which identifies what kind of superhero abilities you possess
  • RMA Technologies Inside:
    • Industrial PC running ScanAndPlay™ software
    • Interfaces with IP Camera and Fingerprint Scanner
Combination Memory Game
Test Your Superhero Memory Skills!
Combination Memory Game

Displays random sequences of numbers for you to memorize and enter
  • Built for Stage Nine Exhibitions
  • RMA Technologies Inside:
    • 3 Digit LED Board
    • Sound Byte Player 2™ with sound effects during game play
    • 12 Channel I/O Board for reading switches
    • Custom Game Software
Step Around Game
Follow the green lights and keep in step!
Step Around Station

Keeps count of correct step positions completed in one minute
  • Built for Stage Nine Exhibitions
  • RMA Technologies Inside:
    • 3 Digit LED Board
    • Sound Byte Player 2™ with sound effects during game play
    • Cap Sensor with LED Target
    • Custom Game Software

Gas Pump Interactive

Fun Gas Pump for toddlers!

  • Built for Lilliput Play Homes
  • Push button to select grade
  • Squeeze handle to pump - Numbers go up
  • Insert credit card to pay - CHA-CHING!
  • Fun sounds play throughout
  • LED digital display for price and volume
gas pump interactive
gas pump components

Kids Grocery Scanner

Making grocery scanning fun

  • Built for Lilliput Play Homes
  • Scan any object bidirectional fast or slow
  • RGB LEDs chase the scanned object as fast as you scan it
  • Beeping sounds for every object scanned
  • Two infrared sensors on each side
grocery scanner grocery scanner leds
grocery scanner exhibit

Major League Baseball, Fanfest 2010: Steal A Base, Steal A Taco Interactive

Beat the pro's at their own game!

steal a base event
  • An interactive attraction where a Baseball Fan/Visitor attempts to steal from first base and slide into second base while watching a large screen video of the throw to second base.
  • A “First Base Coach” volunteer operates a hand keypad to select one of 5 player videos for the fan.
  • Video starts to play and the fan runs when the pitcher throws the ball.

On-Ride Water Shooter Controller

Add interactive fun to your ride!

on-ride water shooter controller on-ride water shooter
  • On–ride Effect Control
  • 6 Output Channels, water valve 12vdc
  • 8 sensor inputs
  • Hall Effect – magnetic sensors
  • 12VDC – Pump – variable speed control
  • SD Card – email code updating
  • Sound effects, LED lighting

Interactive Playground Electronics

Make your playground more interesting and fun with interactives!

interactive playground electronics interactive playground electronics
  • Animal Sound Touch Audio
    • Touch to Start great audio sound effects
  • Butterfly Migration LED Map
    • Touch to show migration patterns
    • Animated LED patterns
  • Sound Byte Player™
  • Kidsensor™, Capacitive Touch Sensor