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New Projects
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Kids Love Technology™ - Add Some! - Keep Them Coming Back™

Add acres of fun to your themed play area, amusement park, attraction, or playground! Our unique interactive products are sure to get a smile, a laugh, or a scream and keep people coming back to your attraction. If you don't see it here, ask, we have probably done it before or can put it together for you. We love to dream up and create new things with you! May we help with your fun too?

Our products include: Grand Piano Floor™, Touch Play Panel™, Audio Song Bench™ interactive outdoor bench, Sound Byte Player™ interactive audio players, touch sensors, foam ball targets, mini golf interactives with custom announcements, Water Valve controls, LED Rope Light Tunnel, On-ride Effects and Controls.

Our products are found in: soft play equipment, indoor playground equipment, indoor play structures, waterplay and softplay areas, zoo designs, zoo exhibits, miniature golf equipment, mini golf holes and mini golf obstacles.

Interactive Technologies.

Fun, fun, fun, funatically engineered. ™ May we help with your fun too? ™

Randy MacDonald, Head Funatic

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Products - Funtioneering

Mini Pixel Play™ Catch an Electron!™

Touch the coloured flashing electrons as fast as you can

interactive touch game, catch an electron
  • Give them something to do while waiting their turn!
  • No space needed - easily mounts on the unused side of your play structure or wall
  • Fantastic stereo sound effects and LED scoring display
  • Safe, low voltage operation and panels are easily cleaned
  • May we make one for you?

Mini Pixel Play™

Other creative ideas!

interactive touch game, mini pixel play interactive touch game, mini pixel play
interactive touch game, mini pixel play interactive touch game, mini pixel play interactive touch game, mini pixel play

Grand Piano Floor™

Hop, skip, and jump to play musical notes and sound effects!

  • Interactive Musical Floor
  • Play a piano, tuba, guitar, dogs and cats, car horns - anything!
  • Touch sensor RGB LED keys
  • No moving parts
  • Keys less than 2 inches thick
  • 3 sections - 12 keys - 12ft wide x 4ft deep
  • Sounds overlap and play simultaneously
  • Easy drag and drop to change
grand piano floor grand piano floor
LED piano floor

Musical Stairs

Skip the elevator and take the stairs with this fun interactive!

  • Play a piano, tuba, guitar, dogs and cats, car horns - anything!
  • Blinking lights and sounds every step of the way
  • Photoelectric Retro-Reflective sensors
  • Sounds overlap and play simultaneously
  • Easy drag and drop to change
  • Custom fit for your staircase
  • See it at Discovery Centre
musical stairs stair sensors

Pylon Play™ Game

Fast running action!

  • New! - Our Pixel Play™ Panel, but with pylons
  • Sturdy 3 foot tall pylons with RGB LEDs and tap sensors
    • Just tap or jostle pylons to trigger LEDs and sound effects
    • High visibility - Indoor and outdoor compatible
    • Battery operated - wireless link to game control
  • Mini PC Game Control
    • ScanAndPlay™ media system
    • Large LCD Media screen with fun videos, timer, scoreboard , and sound effects
  • Multiple fast running action game modes
    • One or more players
    • star, zigzag, row, or side-by-side games
    • i.e. Score points by touching only the green pylons as fast as you can
  • Customize with media for your facility, client, or event
LED pylon play pylon play
touch pylon play

Slide Interactive

Slide into the fun zone

  • Sliding is more fun with lights and sounds
  • LEDs change inside and out as you slide down
  • Action sound effects to amplify the thrill
  • Pick your favourite colour and slide with it
  • An array of infrared sensors and RGB LEDs detect and control LEDs and sounds
  • Easy drag and drop to change
  • See it at Legoland Discovery Centre
    • Toronto, Ontario
    • Dallas, Texas
    • Kansas City, Kansas
    • Westchester, New York
interactive slide
infrared sensor enclosure infrared sensor led lit slide with audio led lit slide led touch panel

Light Your Path™

Create a colourful path to adventure!

  • Insert into the floor of your indoor playground for kids of all ages
  • Add fun sounds or musical notes with each step
  • 7-inch diameter RGB touch sensor boards
  • ScanAndPlay™ media player system
  • PC control with remote login
Light Your Path Light Your Path board
Pight Your Path sensor

Light Beam Musical Floor

Bring music under the spotlight

  • Musical Stairs in your hallway
  • Play sounds and light up a path
  • One or many can play at once
  • RGBW LED DMX spotlights
  • Lidar sensors measure height and change colours
  • Variety of audio and colour themes
  • Systems with 6-12 spotlights
  • Easy drag and drop to change
  • PC control with remote login
interactive slide interactive slide

Jump Interactive

How high can you jump?

  • An exciting interactive exhibit measuring how high a person can jump
  • The person jumps up and reaches as high as they can
  • The RGB LEDs then chase up to the height they reached
  • An array of infrared sensors and RGB LEDs detect and display the jump height
  • The system is controlled by a small CPU board that can have software updated with a micro sd card
  • Sound effects and videos additions optional
  • See it at Discovery Centre
jump height test jump height exhibit
infrared sensor

Mirror Interactive

Distort Reality with a Button

  • Create a distorted effect by curving the mirror
  • Motor bends the mirror with a push of a button
  • LEDs indicate the degree of distortion of the reflection
  • See it at Discovery Centre
jump height test jump height exhibit infrared sensor

Pixel Play™ Panel

Fast Action Touch Game

led touch sensor panels touch sensor game
  • Array of touch sensors with RGB LEDs
  • Mount panel directly on play structure
  • Create different colour patterns by touching "pixels" in sequence
  • Pixels change and cycle through different colours

Audio Song Bench™

Comes to life with music, sound effects, or narration when a guest is seated!

audio bench
  • Have acres of fun with themed sound effects!
  • Add to your playground, zoo, aquarium, amusement park, school, museum.
  • Full MP3 stereo
  • 4 sensors under seat activate media
  • Durable IPE hardwood seat, powder coated steel frame
  • Outdoor, waterproof, 120V or low voltage operation
  • Optional LCD monitor
More Info
audio song bench pdf

Audio Song Bench™ Graphic Advertiser

Advertise your park or attraction with sound and graphics!

audio bench graphic advertiser
  • Add a graphic back to our Audio Song Bench™ and Advertise, educate, or entertain™
  • Advertise off site to boost attendance
  • Graphic creates photo or selfie opportunity
  • Surprise guests with fun sound effects
More Info
audio song bench graphic advertiser pdf

Push-up and Hang Time Interactive

Test your endurance!

  • Built for Stage Nine Exhibitions
  • See how long you can hang or push-ups you can do
  • The timer begins when your weight is on the bar
  • Two load cells to sense your weight with LED indicators
  • Can you beat the Best Time of the Day?
interactive push-up timer push-up and hang time components

Touch Play Panel™

Add some interactive fun to your playground!

audio touch sensor panel
  • Touch the panel to trigger lights, audio, video or interactive games
    • speed
    • memory
    • music
    • coordination
  • Multiple panels for multi-player games
  • Printed photos and operation easily changed
  • Mounts right on play structure or wall
    • Size: 12"x60"
  • 6 touch sensors with leds:
    • Red,Green,Blue,White
More Info
touch play panel brochure

Mini Golf Interactives

Your Mini Golf May Look Great...Make it Unbelievable!

Add sound effects, announcements, lights, and other special effects to your mini golf experience!

  • Indoor and outdoor operation
  • Black Light mini golf
  • 18th hole interactives
  • Ball drop & putt-thru sensors
  • Ball play counting controls
  • Fantastic sound effects
  • Fun custom announcements
Hole in One Audio
mini golf interactives audio
Try Again Audio
mini golf interactives audio
mini golf interactives components mini golf fire effect rocket golf hole led rope
See what we can do for you!
"We owe a huge thanks to you! The last hole in our mini golf course was so plain before we installed your sound sensors - now the fun noises and congratulatory applause that customers hear makes for an epic last shot!! Our golfers love it!"
--Putters Wild, LLC
"Randy and the crew really came through and created exactly what we had in mind. We are thrilled with our new rocket hole and hope our customers will love it too."
--Putters Mini Golf

Kidsensor™ Capacitive Touch Sensor

Make your play area or playground interactive with touch sensors!

  • Works from behind wood, glass, plastic, foam padding, or any non-metallic surface
  • Activate lights, video, audio, or other electronic devices
  • Sensitize large foam sculptures
  • The Dinosaur growls when touched!
touch sensor enclosure touch sensor circuitry
touch sensor butterfly exhibit touch sensor dinosaur sculpture touch sensor green leds touch sensor red leds

LCD Media Timer System

Play videos to attract new adventurers

  • Enhance your timing experience
  • Combine digital signage with timing
  • Timer overlays the themed videos
  • Easy drag and drop to change
  • Optional leaderboard and photo systems
lcd media display lcd timer countdown lcd timer media

Obstacle Course Timers / Climbing Wall Timers / Ninja Warrior Timers

Time, Shoot, Score! Add to your play structure, playground, FEC center or ball shooter room.

  • Electronic Playground Timers
  • Game Scoring – Basketball / Soccer
  • Backlit Bollards
  • Optional Beacon, Sirens, Sound Effects
More Info
obstacle course timer brochure
climbing wall timer digital timer & score displays
touch sensor bollards

Climbing Wall - Top Out Sensor™

Let climbers celebrate their achievement with everybody!

  • Claim victory over the wall
  • Touch to play sound effects
  • Red/Green LEDs blink while playing
  • Easy sound change with SD card
climbing wall stop siren climbing wall stop siren speaker

Foam Ball Targets

Give them something to shoot at!

  • Lights and sounds when hit by foam balls
  • For ball play areas with and without air cannons
  • Custom Targets to match your themes! – Hub caps, custom shapes and graphics
  • Tie into other lighting effects, LED scoreboards, bar graphs
  • Other Possibilities
    • Baseball Targets
    • Paintball Targets
    • Hockey Puck Targets
    • Golf Ball Targets
    • Ball Pit Targets
foam ball target collage
ball target foam ball targets ball target leds

Pumpkin Screamer™

Spooky sounds to get you in the Halloween spirit! - Order yours now for Halloween!

  • Touch the pumpkin and hear it scream
  • Works with one finger
  • Touch one pumpkin to play eerie background music
  • Other pumpkins play screams, laughs, and other sound effects
  • Sounds overlap and play simultaneously
  • Easy drag and drop to change
  • Interactive display with themed audio or add a background video for fun
audio pumpkin audio pumpkin touch sensor
See other ideas using our Exhibit Touch Sensor

Keypad Lock Control

Enter the password to unlock your prize!

  • Perfect for Escape rooms or laser tag
  • Enter the correct PIN or password to unlock the secrets
  • Control 2 locks on safes, doors, and hatches
  • RGB LED indicator
  • Durable illuminated keypad - 2 million uses
  • Small speaker for audio beeps
  • Network to host computer
audio pumpkin audio pumpkin touch sensor

Pumping Plunger

Pump away to activate great explosion sound effects!

  • Create interactive games
  • Connect to audio players, timers
  • Fantastic sound effects
  • Add custom theming enclosures
  • Height approx 20” down position, 35" up
  • Adjustable resistance / pressure
  • Sturdy aluminum base
pumping plunger led display interactive pump interactive pump circuitry
digital display

LED Rope Light Controller

Make fantastic tunnels with chasing rope lights!

LED rope light controller
  • Low voltage DC operation
  • 6 Output Channels
  • Up to 8 Sensor inputs
  • Activate with Touch, Infra-red (IR), and other sensors

Coin-op Timer Control

Coin Operated Timer Control for AC or DC Powered Devices

coin-op timer control
  • Coin values and activation time is configurable
  • 4-Colour Display LEDs will show the amount of activation time left
  • While waiting for coins the unit will blink LEDS in different patterns
  • Made with a Grey Waterproof Polycarbonate plastic enclosure so it can be placed in exposed/wet areas

Splash Pad / Water Valve Controller

Let your guests control the water park!

water valve controller splash pad
  • 10 Output Channels, 24VAC
  • 2 Sensor Inputs, daisy chainable to 20
  • LCD display and soft keys
  • Time of day enable
  • Spreadsheet script and sequence files
  • Serial expansion
More Info
water valve controller pdf

Light Beam Sensor

A hop, skip, and a jump with sound effects!

light beam sensor
  • Located at the Escambia Westgate School Pensacola Florida
  • Walk under the beam of light and trigger music or sound effects.
  • 6 ceiling mounted Discovery Light Beam Sensor Units project beams of light onto the floor.
  • When a visitor walks under the light beam the sensor in the unit detects the change in reflected light and activates a sequence including sound effects and lighting sequences.
  • Six colours arranged in a circle.
  • May we make one for you?